Nice to meet you.

Based in Melbourne, available everywhere.

I take photos of people, generally on a stage, or on the ground, or holding a ball, or crowd surfing across a sea of fans. 

I like to capture those perfect little moments; you know the ones? A candid smile; the side eye; those moments that usually get missed; real fly on the wall kind of stuff. I'd say you won't even know I'm there but being 6'4 before I was a teenager, nobody has ever said that to me - you will be glad I'm there though.

Talking about myself isn't really my thing, taking pictures is.

Photo by Lindor

While I have your attention, let this spicy little earworm improve your day. 

Been cooking more lately, my food tastes better when I cook to this playlist - give it a go here when you're in the kitchen next.

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